Edge Computer Vision AIoT PaaS

The no-code AnlyVis solution equips every enterprise a scalable, expandable, customizable, affordable AI solution


Computer Vision on Your Hand

Empower your business by Edge Computing and AIoT Technologies with simple video training. No hardware dependency for your infrastructure, all you need is a network camera or other utility camera. All live stream data from camera and sensor is processed in edge devices locally, without the need of cloud integration. Anlyvis provides a ready-to-go solution throughout the entire AI cycle, with price lower than others for "5x".

How Anlyvis Works


Capture visual information from the surrounding environment

Gather valuable image data for cutting-edge deep learning models.

Automate continuous data collection to improve accuracy of AI models



Flexible Pricing for Teams of All Sizes


14-days trial period

  • 1 User Account with IAM
  • 1 Project quota
  • 1 Device Connection Camera + Edge
  • AI Model for people


Data Collection, Image Annotation, Model Library, Edge Device Management, Automated Deployment, Real-time Monitoring, Diagnosis, Unified Security and Encryption

  • 1 User Account with IAM
  • 3 Project quota
  • 5 Device Connection Camera + Edge
  • AI Model for People, Car, and more...
  • Onboarding / Online Support


Plus Standard feature, ML Model Training, Advanced Team Management, Advanced Security and Encryption Control.

  • Up-to 3 team members (1 Admin & 2 Users)
  • 5 Project quota
  • 10 Device Connection Camera + Edge
  • With Standard plan + Custom models (60 hours per year included – yearly plan only)
  • Integration, Support/On-demand Expert Services, User Training.


Plus Advanced feature, Custom Integrations, Full Solution Services, On Premises Deployment.

  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Unlimited Project quota
  • Unlimited Device Connection + Edge
  • Custom AI Models
  • Integration, Support/24/7 Priority Support, User Training.